Friday, December 17, 2010

This is what has taken over our lives ...

Everyone says that it's a kitchen that sells a house ... let's just say that wasn't true in our case LOL.  We bought our house about eight years ago & instantly hated the red kitchen ... surprisingly, for the size that it was, it had minimal bench space ... but it's taken us until this year, and the appliances falling apart, to finally get it done.

There was tonnes of storage but the height of the overhead cupboards meant that when we needed a new fridge it wouldn't fit, so that space became a parking spot for the high chair.

The flooring (lino & masonite underlay) was a nightmare to remove & took us FOREVER!  If we ever see another floor staple we won't be responsible for our actions LOL.  The floor's not finished yet ... our poor floor man has fourteen jobs currently on the go so he just fits everyone in as needed, but it's going to look amazing.

We still have the plasterer & electrician to come in finish off their jobs (LOL will be so happy to have our fridge back where it belongs) but OMGoodness what a difference!  It looks so much lighter & brighter & we have tonnes more usable space.   

So after month or so of having furniture piled into the lounge room, no kitchen & using the laundry to cook our toast, I'm SOOOO ready to get creating again.  I think I've been having withdrawals LOL!


Andrea said...

What an amazing change Vicki - looks fantastic

Melissa said...

And it looks even more fantastic in real life...that floor will be amazing alright.So much brighter and happier to be in and cook in.I bet you get up every night just to look at it through the light from the skylight...LOL.
I am glad however that life is getting back to some sort of normality for you.I have missed seeing your new cards every week

Becci Sundberg said...

Wow! That's fantasitc Vicki!!!!!

Deb said... is soooooo gorgeous Vicki. What a difference....just beautiful.

Maree said...

One word


Lisa said...

I love a makeover!!! It looks fab, so light and bright.

Belinda said...

looks fantastic Vicki!!

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Wow - what an improvement!!!! How exciting!!

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