Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome ...

to my very first post! Yep, I've finally joined blog land ... It's taken me all day to set up *insert rolling eyes smilie here* & I'll probably make some changes, but I guess I'll learn as I go.

Friday night was spent scrapping & chatting (mostly chatting) with the gorgeous Mel & Helen at Scrap Therapy in Babinda. Actually, I don't think I created anything but I still didn't get home until 1am LOL! We always have such a wonderful time ... Lee-Anne & Danny are the best!

So because I didn't manage to achieve anything, I'll leave you with my layout I did for the Scrap Therapy June Cybercrop inspiration challenge that I was lucky enough to win. I hope you like it!


Sandra D said...

I love your little blog Vicki and congrats on your first post :) and I'm your first comment - YAY!!! Looking forward to seeing your future posts and all your lovely work.

Helen Jolly said...

So lovely to see you and spend some time with you again girl :)
Love your blog it looks beautiful
Ive just added you to mine so i can keep updated
Love your LO BTW!

Maree said...

Well done Vicki! Great blog and I love the layout as well!!!!

Allie Collyer said...

Hi Vicki, great to see you blogging :-)

Melissa said...

Woooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo My girl is in Blog land....great to have you join in.
I love love love seeing you every time I am in is pretty spesh hey.I really feel a close friendship happening.Love your LO and you so deserved to win.
Isn't the weather crappy.
xxoo Mellie

Deb said...

I luv your blog and congratulations on your first post and also on your win at ST.

Julie said...

wahooooo welcome to blog land vicki.

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